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What is Among Us? What is the reason for its popularity in 2020?

Watching videos of the people playing Among Us and listening to loud, angry, and funny conversations made me really want to try it, as the most surprising thing is that Among Us is competing with the top-ranked games on Twitch, even though it doesn’t contain The shine of Warzone, or the appeal of Fall Guys, Among Us, has enjoyed a large number of viewers over the past months on the most popular local and international YouTube channels.

What is Among Us?

It is an enthusiastic team game, that provides the ability to play with a group of players or with specific people and friends via the Internet, which can be downloaded to the computer or mobile, and the first to launch the game was Innersloth Studios that launched it in 2018, but it is noticeable that the game has become a trend in our year This is 2020.

Among Us, most players work cooperatively and hurry to complete a list of missions designed to fulfill and win the round, as this game company tries to recreate a cinematic outlook for the tension that occurs in it with a colorful board and a relaxed feel.

How to play Among Us?

The game is about Crewmates in space whose spacecraft crashed, and they had to perform a number of specific tasks in order to fix the crashes and get out of the problem, and it is worth noting that the game does not contain Bots or robots, but the players are the ones who communicate with each other through the microphone or the chats And you should pay attention, among the group that is reforming there is an Imposter or a traitor, and this traitor has to obstruct the completion of missions or kill the vehicle team, and he must convince others that he is one of them and not a traitor.

It should be noted that the number of group members is not fixed, as it is possible to play with a maximum of 10 people, and the traitors can number up to three, and during the game discussions and meetings are held between the members of the vehicle to vote in order to find out who is the traitor among them, and the person who won the votes The more and the bigger accusations he is removed from the vehicle, and if he is really the traitor, the round ends and the team wins, but if he is innocent, the tour continues with its repair, cheating and killing missions, and it must be noted that the game takes place in 3 different areas of the vehicle, each area with a map and cameras.

Game among us

The most important task of the Crewmates will be to know who the traitor is or the Imposter in conjunction with the completion of the tasks assigned to them as well, and you should also pay attention to the suspicious behavior that a member of the crew may perform that refers to him as an Imposter. And vote on it during the discussion.

If you are playing the role of a traitor, you will need to pretend that you are a natural and committed member, and if there is more than one traitor in the crew, you can cooperate in order to quickly defeat the crew, and there are lists that the traitors can take advantage of in order to sabotage, such as turning off the lights or sabotaging the oxygen cylinders. You should also avoid insisting on accusing another person, as it may constitute a question mark around you, in short, you have to be a skilled liar in order not to be discovered.

Game missions

As we mentioned earlier that the basis of the game is to disable the spacecraft, and the aliens need to complete a set of tasks to repair it in order to compete and succeed in the tour, such as providing the ship with fuel, or repairing electrical wires and connecting them, in addition to repairing devices and some engines, and upon completing all these missions you win in The game, as for the traitor, wins when the team fails to complete the missions and is not revealed until the end.

Why is Among Us so popular and so popular?

The main reason is Streaming Media and the role played by players across the most popular video streaming platforms and Twitch video game broadcasts. At the beginning of the game’s launch, users were playing with strangers and therefore communication between them was random and not enjoyable for many, which reduced the game’s popularity until August 2020 that changed the equation.

On August 4, 2020, a lot of great new developments began in the gaming world, the fall guys game appeared, which constituted remarkable progress in the world of party games, as the content creators of this game began to experiment by playing with each other in an attempt to create common content, but the errors A lot of fall guys led to the game falling from the interface of the most popular games, due to the announcement of the start of another season of it shortly after without additional content, which lost the enthusiasm of many players, in addition to the inability to confront the game hackers.

During this period when people started to search for a game with shared content, Among Us, which allows interaction with content makers and communication between players, appeared, and its popularity flew due to the ability to play with friends and not with strangers, which increased the fun and enthusiasm for everyone, and because of that The game spread very widely, this group of friends encouraged dozens of people and convinced them of its magnificence, and these dozens encouraged many other people and thus the game spread until the servers became unable to accommodate new players.

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