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Top 7 free games that enable you to enter the world of programming

The field of programming is considered one of the strongest fields that receive great interest among many because it carries great importance in the success of any electronic project, and it is one of the most important skills of our time and is greatly required in the labor market, as it is the only way to control the computer and harness it to perform tasks and accomplish them, so Many seek to enter and learn to program, whether to enhance their chances of finding work or for future scientific and research goals.

But soon, the learner begins to receive his first lessons on programming, and he finds himself in front of many doors and with a huge amount of information. Many developers thought about solving this problem and tried to simplify programming to the maximum. As a result, some fun and not boring games were produced for us to enable us to enter this vast world and to learn the basics and principles of programming.

In this article, you will learn about the 10 best free games that instill in you a love of programming and launch you into the world of professional programming:

1. CodinGame

This game is great for those who want to learn to program well, the game will take you from the simple world of coding to the deep and complex world of code, the story of the game revolves around killing aliens and enemies through the use of codes and instructions, and it is worth noting that this game supports a very large group of programming languages ​​such as C, C #, Java, Javascript, Ruby, Php, Go and other languages, reaching about 25 programming languages.

I advise you to try it. It is enough for you to enter the site and click to start playing and enjoy it.

2. Code Combat

Another programming game that consists of puzzles and challenges that can only be overcome by writing code, allows you to use your skills in different areas of programming languages ​​such as Javascript, Python, Go, and others.

It also provides educational classes to help students write codes in the form of a sequence of interesting events with your favorite character, through levels ranging from easy to somewhat complex, all of this gives you a good educational base that helps you understand the principle of coding in programming.

3. Screeps

Screeps is a strategy game well known to programmers and developers and is considered one of the most powerful games in this field, with its details and distinctive features.

This game gives you the freedom to deal with your character from building colonies, competing with enemies, discovering new regions, building things of your own, and many other things await you, as for the programming language in this game, it is the most important language as JavaScript is said to program entities inside the game And build your own empire.

If you want free programming games with graphics and a good idea, this is the best option and you can try it here

4. Check IO

CheckiO is a very important free resource, a software engineering corresponding setup tool, both easy and complex, containing a range of coding games for beginners as well as advanced programmers.

Users can complete exercises in Python and JavaScript that cover a variety of topics, including strings, loops, classes, objects, exceptions, and problem-solving, and upon successful completion of each exercise the player earns points through which he unlocks new games and advances in levels, there is also another very important feature: Namely, going back to the comments section and finding out how other players have solved the problem, so it compares your success and progress at that level.

CheckiO offers a blog containing programming advice, debugging, and more, giving beginners ample space to search for any questions related to programming and its accessories.

5. Vim Adventures

It is not considered a game as much as it is an educational program that you can practice programming and solving algorithm challenges, it contains an unusually powerful text editor preferred by many professionals, by mastering the Vim in this game you can become a skilled code writer.

You will get points whenever you complete a certain task, and the value of points is according to the efficiency of your presented solutions, the game offers you a set of suggested solutions, which you can study and learn from, I think it is one of the best games to learn a new programming language and master it.

6. Cyber ​​Dojo

Cyber ​​Dojo contains a massive set of exercises and challenges for dozens of programming languages, including Ruby, JavaScript, PHP, Python, and more. This game is a great way to learn to program, understand basic computer programming, and especially practice.

You start first by choosing one of the problems available in the list, then you choose a programming language that you want to learn and the framework for testing, after that a collection of exercises that are classified according to their degree of difficulty will pop up for you. You can start from easy levels until reaching difficult and complex levels until you become a professional in dealing with coding and develop With every exercise you pass.

7. Code Monkey

It is an educational game aimed at children more to teach them programming in a simple and easy way, it is often used by teachers to teach programming to children from its first basics.

Through this game, you must catch bananas by using different symbols, and here the child will use his creativity along with some of the basic programming skills to complete his task. I recommend this game for beginners as it is very simple with little complications and computer skills, and it is one of a list of several free games to teach programming for children.

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