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Review of the new 27-inch Apple iMac for 2020!

Apple's home beast with a new screen

Apple recently released its new 27-inch large-sized Apple iMac desktop computer, to suit photographers, professional editors, and independent employers who prefer larger screens that are comfortable for the eyes, to collect and experiment with coding, or create animated films.

an introduction

The recent period in the labor market witnessed a high boom in e-commerce, and an increase in the market share/profits of many companies, because many employees resort to working from home due to the changes we have witnessed due to the global pandemic that has come to all countries, and the biggest luck for business website owners Electronic devices, among them Apple, which sold huge numbers of electronic devices to self-employed and independent workers, and today after it announced the 27-inch iMac, it met great popularity and great interest on social media sites, whether, from users, or those wishing to acquire it, we found It’s time to review the 27-inch Apple iMac.

Box contents

1- iMac with Retina 5K display

2- Wireless keyboard

3- Wireless mouse too

4- Link to the power source (electricity).

5- Lightning to USB cable.

6- A cloth to wipe and clean the screen.

Device design

Apple iMac size 27

The 27-inch Apple iMac did not have much luck from the external changes in the design, as it still has the same aluminum design, a flat-screen with a wireless Bluetooth keyboard and mouse so that the size of the annoying wires on the desktop is reduced, in addition to that, you will find a screen stand iMac has been slightly modified to reduce its size from the application area to a depth of 20.3 cm. We also find that the edges of the screen expanded slightly to the length that became 51.6 cm, and the width, which became 65.0 cm, as for its weight, it became 8.92 kg.

It consists of a unique keyboard with a smooth design, small size, and better stability to enable you to type accurately and comfortably, as well as the Multi-Touch mouse, which is more stable and smooth thanks to its streamlined design to make you feel the difference with every touch.

The internal changes had more luck with the 27-inch iMac, so we find:

27 ” Apple iMac Display

Apple iMac size 27

Apple iMac has a 27-inch screen, which is the largest screen in Apple devices to date, which is about 5.5 inches more than the IMac 21.5 inches (the previous version of the new version), and it has a Retina 5K graphics display resolution, which is also superior to the previous version iMac screen That used to own Retina 4K.

What distinguishes the 27-inch Apple iMac screen from the rest of the previous versions is that it contains matte nanotechnology, which allows you to place the device anywhere in the room with external lights, without any reflections on the surface of the iMac screen or affecting the quality and sharpness of the image or The transcribed text is also, so the screen won’t look glossy and won’t create reflections that block the view or blur the colors of brightness.

Do you think they swapped out the glass surface? The glass is still not glass, but they have engraved the nanostructures in the glass itself, in order to reduce the proportion of reflections, but first and foremost, the glass is still a glass that has its properties and causes reflections, but it is slightly less than the reflections from previous versions.

The screen has a very high clarity of 5120 x 2880 and a brightness of 500 nits, besides that supports the screen for a billion colors! Because it supports a large color gamut (P3).

It also features True Tone technology that works to preserve the eyes, this technology changes the screen lights according to the lights around you, for example, if you use iMac in daylight, the True Tone technology, changes the screen lights and converts them to bright colors to suit the daylight so as not Your eyes get tired, as well as indoors, the screen brightness decreases according to the light around you.

The performance and capabilities of the device

The latest 27-inch Apple iMac device, a big breakthrough in photography and audio recording, as well as improving video calls, because it contains a T2 chip that processes images, and improves the face when making video calls, as the camera that monitors the face when moving comes in HD 1080p, and interacts immediately Fixed for permanent visibility and improved appearance of all parts of your face with the same skin tone.

It also contains three microphones for sound, to purify and clarify the sound, which you will need at the next zoom meeting, in addition to the possibility of using it in recording audio to present podcast programs, we must note that the speakers are the same as in previous versions, but they have been improved thanks to the use of existing silicon From Apple.

It runs on Mac OS Catalina, which lets you take everything you do above and beyond.

Performance: Powered by a 10th Generation Intel Core i9 configurable processor with 10 cores for formatting a large number of audio clips, and testing software codes.

Memory: It has a super memory of up to 126GB with a frequency of 2666MHz, to finish the complex work easier and faster with superior professionalism.

Graphics processor: Includes an AMD Radeon Pro 5000 graphics processor with 16GB of GDDR6 memory, in order for you to complete graphics tasks, work on Photoshop programs, create video games and make montages.

Storage: Up to 8TB massive capacity SSD with up to 3.4GB / s sequential read and write speed so you can access files and libraries on the device at lightning speed!

Wireless networks

IMac includes 802.11ac Wi-Fi wireless networking; Compliant with IEEE 802.11a / b / g / n and Bluetooth 5.2 wireless.

Wireless connections

Connections and Expansions

1- 3.5 mm headphone jack

2- USB-A port

3- Thunderbolt 3 (USB-C) ports with support for:


USB 3.1 Gen 2 (up to 10Gb / s)

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