How can you detect fake accounts on social media platforms?

Social platforms like Facebook and Twitter became essentials of life for many folks, and despite the advantages and facilities that these platforms provided to us in bringing us closer to our friends and relatives – especially during the amount of the Covid-19 crisis – there’s a dark side that we must concentrate to, this is often The aspect of the spread of faux accounts that cause tons of injury, whether on the individual level or maybe on large societies and for this we’ve found the aim of scripting this article, for instance, some simple steps to detect fraudulent accounts on any social platform.

Why are fake accounts created in the first place?

Blackmailing victims reciprocally for sending money (Blackmailing):

In most cases, fake accounts are created to blackmail victims, especially in our Arab world, which is crowded with fake accounts that aim to draw in male and feminine friends and blackmail them with the photographs they send, as we saw within the Egyptian series “B 100 W” when the Egyptian actor “Aser Yassin” Creating these fake accounts and extorting his victims in exchange for sending money.

Speaking on someone else’s tongue to harm him:

Certainly, many folks are exposed to things that we discover a fake account that carries our personal data and pictures and sends friend requests to all or any of our acquaintances then publishes inappropriate content or causes any problem with our friends, this is often, unfortunately, another popular goal for creating fake accounts. In other cases, fake accounts are opened of public figures to talk in their tongues.

Promote false news and rumors (electronic armies):

In another case, these fake accounts are created in large numbers to be the target of spreading false news and promoting editions. These accounts are opened using robots (bots) to repeatedly spread a piece of equivalent news within the sort of posts or maybe comments on social platforms. Of course, during this case, it’s very easy to detect fraud in these accounts, as we’ll know later.

Increase the number of followers on social platforms:

With an equivalent method mentioned previously, these accounts also are wont to increase the number of followers on personal accounts. Some people might want to extend their follower numbers just to point out off or to enter a field.

How can we detect fake accounts?

In a few simple ways we will immediately discover the reality of those accounts; Because, regardless of how good the account owner was in showing it as if it had been real, he would never be ready to mislead all the points that we’ll mention.

Verify the name and account picture:

Most of the fake accounts are revealed immediately from the name and therefore the picture, as for the name, it’s going to contain symbols or spaces, or it’s going to be a weird name that’s not utilized in your country, and as for the account picture, it’s going to not exist, which increases the suspicion, and in another case an image is placed Fake, here you’ll pull the image and look for it on Google or Russian Yandex drive, and its source will appear to you, and if no results appear, the account could also be real but don’t be too confident without browsing the remainder of the steps!

Account creation date:

One of the foremost famous failures that always expose fake accounts, because the largest percentage of those accounts are newly created, so if you receive a further request from an anonymous account, the primary thing you ought to do is check the date of opening this account by browsing its schedule or checking the date of the primary picture that was placed. If the account is a smaller amount than a year old, this increases the likelihood that it’s a fake account.

The number of Friends / Followers Has:

If the account features a lot of friends it’s presumably a fake account trying to gather tons of victims. Even a number of his friends could also be fake, and you’ll make certain by checking their comments on what he’s posting. Or if the newly created account may need only a few friends, that’s also a symbol that you simply are one of the primary victims.

What about the content he publishes?

As for the content that he publishes, it’s also one among the main failures from which the reality of those accounts is revealed, so if the account is consistently publishing an equivalent topic over and once again, then it’s one among the electronic armies that we talked about at the start of the article that tries to market an idea or rumor, but if it’s publishing content Sex, it’s definitely a fake account that seeks to blackmail or exploit its victims in a method or another.

Have you already received a lover request from your friend?

If your friend is added to your account and you suddenly see a lover request from an equivalent person with another account that contains an equivalent personal data and movie, you want to ask your friend before accepting the addition request because it’ll often be a fake account that seeks to harm your friend as we mentioned within the second point of the explanations for creating fake accounts.

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