Top 10 Student Laptops for 2020

With the start of the new academic year and the return of students to schools and universities, it is not…

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The biggest and most dangerous ransomware attacks! billions of dollars in losses!

Ransomware has been and continues to be a prominent threat to governments, businesses, and even individuals alike, from the mid-2000s…

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Everything you need to know about Enterprise Blockchain platforms

Blockchain technology is enjoying great demand today and the number of users is increasing every day, as its decentralized nature…

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After bidding for more than two decades, Adobe announces the death of Flash technology at the end of 2020

Who among us has never received a message asking him to download and install “Flash Player” on the browser in…

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How can you detect fake accounts on social media platforms?

Social platforms like Facebook and Twitter became essentials of life for many folks, and despite the advantages and facilities that…

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Your comprehensive guide to the new Asus B550 Boards!

Several years ago, there were few options when we wanted to buy a new computer if it was for light…

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