10 preventive measures to protect eye health

During our daily life, we depend on mobile phones, smart tablets, and advanced computers, as most of the works are associated with these inventions, as their invention had many positive effects, as it saved time and effort on humans, but at the time it had negative effects on eye health and this is confirmed by the latest statistics, and because we cannot Abandon these devices was necessary to take preventive measures to protect eye health.

First: Do some eyesight exercises, for example staring at something far for five minutes continuously, then move your pupil in all directions. These exercises strengthen the eye muscles.

Second: Choose an image that contains many details and distance it a little from you, and try to distinguish the details in it, the colors it contains, and the shapes that it contains. The scrutiny helps to strengthen the eyesight.

Third: Be sure to put warm and cold compresses on your eyes daily. First, put a piece of gauze moistened with warm water on your eyes and leave it for a minute, then put a screen wet with cold water, these compresses will help increase the flow of blood in the eyes.

Fourth: Be sure to practice breathing exercises, as doctors advise that fresh air should be inhaled, as inhaling deeply works to push oxygen-rich blood to the head and eyes, which helps the eye to function without stress.

Fifth: If your job requires you to sit for long hours in front of the TV, we recommend that you relax your eyesight every 30 minutes by closing your eyes for three minutes and then starting work again, this helps you to relieve stress and comfort the eyes.

Sixth: Try to stay away as much as possible from everything that strains your eyes and weakens your vision, for example, there is no need to use smart devices after you return from work, try to relax and relieve your eyes from fatigue. This will help protect eye health.

Seventh: The body needs exposure to the sun’s rays daily for half an hour, and the same is true for the eye. Although the sun’s rays harm the eye, the eyes need natural light, so it is recommended to be exposed to the sun for half an hour, preferably in the early morning hours.

Eighth: The eyes are affected by pollution, so it is preferable to protect them from car smoke, the smoke of heaters, and cigarettes. It is also advised that if the eyes become contaminated, do not rub them and wash them quickly with lukewarm water.

Ninth: You should eat leafy vegetables, carrots, fatty fish, berries, and black grapes because they are rich in vitamin A, C, E, antioxidants, and fatty acids, these elements help to strengthen eyesight and promote eye health.

Tenth: It is advised to train eyesight before bed and in the morning, move your gaze in a clockwise direction ten times and then move your gaze counter-clockwise ten times, this exercise will help preserve your sense of sight.

Dear reader … the sense of sight is a blessing from God Almighty, so it is our duty to preserve this blessing by taking preventive measures to protect eye health.

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